Incorporated in 2010 in Victoria, Q Society of Australia (QSA) is now active throughout Australia. The society is run by volunteers to facilitate information sharing, seminars, meetings and educational forums for the public. The Society is secular and not associated with any faith group. Supporters come from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds.
QSA was formed in response to growing concerns about the discrimination, violence and other anti-democratic practices linked to Islam. When repeated acts of discrimination and violence are connected with a specific belief system, it makes sense to ask why.

QSA asks the questions our media is afraid to ask. We do this in the interests of preserving the rights of women and children and in the interests of freedom of expression – a fundamental human right.

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Equality for men and women is one of our core beliefs. As Australians, we believe in a ‘fair go’ for everyone, regardless of religion, gender or ethnicity. We advocate for an integrated multiethnic society and oppose moral relativism, political correctness and divisive multiculturalism.

To make this possible, we advocate for an integrated multiethnic society based on classical Western values. While we respect the long history Aboriginal Australians have with our land, as well as the immense contributions of non-European migrants, we insist that there can be only one legal set of rights and responsibilities for all Australians.

Because we live in Australia, Australian law binds us. QSA contends that every person should be free and equal before the law. No group or individual should be treated differently because of his or her beliefs.

Freedom of Religion. Freedom from Religion.
Everyone is entitled to practice any or no religion if they choose so according to their own free will; and as long as that religion or belief is peacefully and lawfully practiced. Q Society condemns groups who seek to impose rituals or customs on others, especially when these customs violate human rights and do not respect the values and laws of our land.

Above the Law
When a group of people view their beliefs or customs as superior to Australian law, then a real problem exists. When we allow segregation of men and women and other discriminatory practices, our democratic foundations are shaken. When we make excuses for a totalitarian theocracy, when we tolerate coercion, violence and discrimination on the basis of ‘tolerating diversity’, we surrender the moral basis of our civilisation.

Not Just Another Religion
A common misconception is that Islam is just a religion, similar to other religions, and that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God. In Western countries apologists for Islam like to promote these ideas. The facts prove otherwise.

Islam and Racism.
Q Society supports an integrated multiethnic Australia and rejects racism, which the Oxford dictionary defines as: “Belief in the superiority of a particular race.” Since Islam is not a particular race, being critical of Islam is not racist. Like other religious and non-religious ideologies, Islam is a construct of thought and beliefs. Muslims, like Christians or Communists, are not members of a specific ethnic group.

The liberal use of defamatory slurs by sections of our sociopolitical elites, when referring to concerned citizens, has stirred up animosity and division. Fostering a rational and civilised debate about Islam and Islamisation is in our best interest.