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HALAL CERTIFICATION - The Unpalatable Facts

Q Society of Australia Inc and Halal Choices are proud to announce a new documentary exposing the unregulated mess that is the Halal Certification industry in Australia. Produced by Debbie Robinson and presented by Kirralie Smith with contributions from

  • Senator Cory Bernardi
  • George Christenson MP
  • Bernard Gaynor (Political Commentator)
  • Debbie Robinson (QSA/ALA)
  • Assyrian Community
We are counting down to the long awaited release on Friday, 23rd June 2017 at 4:55pm AEST. The video will be available at this address:

February 2017: Q Society settled a landmark legal case out of court. This welcome outcome leaves us free to concentrate again on what matters most to us: To critically inform Australians about Islam and to stop the Islamisation of Australia.

Media release re settlement with halal certifier

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